Remember that the Verizon representative will not always be truthful or right with Verizon`s project. They may know that they are spreading outside their client`s footprint, but it`s up to you to catch them. Sometimes we check the plans and find that the tenant has been violating the lease for over a decade! In such a situation, they owe our clients, the landlord, the rear rental and the future rent to pay for the injury. For many reasons, Verizon is a multi-billion euro telecommunications company. One of these reasons is that their experts have secured big rental prices with landlords all over the country. This allows Verizon to generate more revenue per turn that they own and operate. If your lease involves a refund of an electricity bill, the owner should say: Don`t let Verizon Wireless install itself quickly on you! If this language manages to lease the cell tower, you have taken away your ability to negotiate a higher rent when the lease expires. Typically, Verizon recruits real estate agents, also known as site acquisition agents. Verizon has rarely contacted property owners directly, they usually go through a third party to try to secure a lease for land. If you are uncomfortable with the person claiming to work for Verizon, ask for a “letter of authorization” signed by Verizon, which states that the person is authorized to perform work on their behalf. Most Verizon leasing contracts have a term of twenty to thirty years. What happens if you have to rediscover the property or cover your building? Always make sure you plan for the future.

If you are willing to live with the layout, landlords often negotiate higher Verizon cell tower rents. If you have moved, please update your address with us as soon as possible to avoid any notification errors. You can change your postal address by filling out our change of address form. Send your completed form directly through the owner`s portal. Existing owners of mobile phone management and location services can access Verizon Wireless Network`s real estate department through our rental portal. If you complete the real estate space application form and indicate the location of your property, please enter the “Property Details” section of the One Route and Distances form from major intersections. If you are interested in becoming an owner, click here. Verizon came into my small community a few years ago and tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a cell tower. I own a property that meets the criteria for a tower, about 3 miles from where the test was done. please contact me if you are interested. Thanks tom Anderson 208 634 8056 It depends.

Please read the renewal language in your rental agreement. With a market capitalization of more than $133 billion, Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) is the 800-pound gorilla! But don`t worry! Verizon`s strong financial strength can help you as a credit tenant willing to pay you rent. A Verizon cell tower leasing contract usually pays homeowners some of the highest rents in the industry! We are still waiting for our lease to be terminated by them.