2.2 The prices to be included in the contract are the prices to be indicated in [name of document] of our offer; or, if the institution chooses another proposal from the [name of the document], it is the prices displayed in [the name of the document] for that proposal. 2.4 All qualifications we have set out in [document name] – qualifications are also valid, although we understand that establishing a qualification may cause you to neglect our entire offer. 2) In which tender package (TP) insert “automatic sliding doors”? Is it electromechanical (EM), like elevators and escalators? Who is accusing him? The architect or the EM engineer? 4. The prices shown in this offer are valid up to [Section 2.3 of the Tender Terms] and I/we confirm that the terms of the offer remain mandatory for me and may be accepted by you at any time prior to that date. 2. Terms and conditions. I/We agree that this offer and any contract that may result from it are based on the documents listed below and that the buyer is the [give to the legal person of your institution (z.B the University Tribunal of the Institution)]. In order to gain a better understanding of a potential customer`s requirements, you can see if you can arrange a conversation or telephone conversation with them before you start bidding. You should always ask questions by phone or email when the tender documents are not clear – on everything from delays to payment. NB: With respect to construction management contracts, the tendering file for commercial contracts could include the site manager`s master`s program. First and foremost, make sure that the tender is done on time – it is unlikely that organizations will review your offer if it arrives after the end of the process. Maybe you want to deliver it yourself, by hand, to make sure it arrives safely.

Contact the organization to verify that they have received it. 1) What tender price documentation formats are available for different markets? Also their opinion and experience, what are the pros and cons of each type? When this happens, it is important to ensure that the interfaces between the packages are correctly identified and clearly assigned to either package. With too many packages increases the number of interfaces and therefore potential problems. The cost plan (pre-tender estimate) should also be recomposed package by package to allow for a simple evaluation of the bids received. However, more formal tenders often apply to larger jobs or supply markets spread over time.