This Agreement may be amended by unanimous agreement between the Governments which are Parties to the Agreement. In calculating the number of passengers that may be accommodated in a room without berths, in accordance with Rule 11, the following deductions shall be made: during seasons of bad weather, seats on the weather deck shall not be measured as available for accommodation of special commercial passengers, unless such spaces can be measured as being available for use as airspace; which must be made available in accordance with Rule 11. or Rule 13. Such ships shall comply with the requirements of the Convention in respect of passenger ships, subject to the modifications and additions provided for in the rules annexed to this Agreement. Special passengers are not allowed to cook on board. for an additional cover space of 0.032 m2 (5 square inches) for each passenger corresponding to that room; Subject to paragraphs 3 and 4 of this Rule and Rules 9 and 12, rooms where there are no berths for commercial special passengers shall be measured to accommodate such passengers on the scale set out in Annex I to these Rules, taking into account the location of those spaces; the duration of the trip and the appearance of seasons of good and bad weather. the number of passengers allowed in accordance with Rule 11 in accommodation areas that are not equipped with berths; The additional space available as a result of the reduction could be used to improve the safety and amenities of special commercial passengers and will not be used to increase the number of passengers who may otherwise be carried in accordance with Rule 13. Menstruation…..